Communications Strategist & Copywriter


I lean on 16 years of communications experience to write engaging copy that moves readers from curious to connected to clients.

It’s simple…

I love strategizing, writing, and creating emotional experiences with words. 

The kind that will have people primed to pay for your service or program.

During my 16-year journey as a communications professional in the small business, government, and nonprofit sectors, I developed a deep respect for the power of persuasive writing.

It’s essential when it comes to reaching your potential clients and creating change.

Writing is my unique assignment.

And I’m more than blessed to be able to use my skills to amplify your expertise.

If you’ve made it this far, you know that there is extreme value in…
  • Authentic and personable sales copy that engages and converts 
  • Delegating to an expert so you can refocus your time and attention
  • Enlisting a Black woman copywriter to write in your voice

You also know that …

You need a communications strategist and copywriter by your side for momentum.


You deserve support from a professional who will learn your business values and goals, as well as your ideal client’s wants and deepest desires.