Hi, I'm Nikki

YOUR Communications Strategist

You’re here because you’re this close to partnering, but you need a little something extra, right?

Well.. that’s generally why I read other people’s About pages. 😉

So here’s the need-to-know summary in 38.5 seconds:

I have 18 years of experience providing strategic communications in the government, nonprofit, and small business sectors. (Imagine adding all of this to your team!)

I believe that when it comes to leaving an unforgettable impression, nothing beats the power of thoughtful and strategic communication. (This IS your goal, right?)

I enjoy working with clients who are heart-led, down-to-earth, and extra committed to using their skills to make a HUGE difference in the lives of other people. (Sound like you?)

Partnership looks like you sharing your bodacious dreams, and me managing the communications elements needed to make your dreams a reality – from strategy to execution.

Leaders come to me to boost their communications confidence and expand their impact.

The important question is…

How can I help YOU?

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Strategic Communications

Speechwriting & Prep


Jennifer Freeman

Deputy Director

Nikki is focused, strategic and talented. She approaches each project and challenge with energy, creativity, and thoughtfulness that achieves results.

She can effectively develop and execute a plan and deliver strong messaging because she understands how it all fits into the big picture.

Nikki is fun, fearless, and a team player who helped make our government communications team strong. I greatly valued her skills, her insight, and her passion for her work.

Cheryl Brannan

Nonprofit President & Founder

Nikki has been a go-to person for a myriad of needs, including writing, PR, and project management.

Her diverse skills have been a major asset to our nonprofit, which is why we keep calling her back.

She is timely in her delivery and thorough with what she produces.