You Only Have Eight Seconds

That’s how long it takes people to decide whether or not to keep reading.

Other coaches and consultants know this.

It’s why they hire professionals to write sales copy to sell their services and programs.

You started reading this 19 seconds ago… and you’re still here.

That means this copy is working.

Do Your Readers Understand What’s At Stake In Eight Seconds?

Don’t panic.

There’s a solution:

  • An experienced writer can help you bridge the gap between your sanity and your sales
  • Build a relationship with your audience
  • And…stimulate readers to take the next step with you

Websites, sales pages, and emails should command attention and prompt action.

Your Reader's Struggle Is Too Big To Carry

And she knows this.

But what she doesn’t know is that you can help her let it go. 

Invite her to step into serenity with copy that:

  • Whispers in her ears 
  • Speaks to her heart
  • Paints a picture of the change she desperately needs

Nikki R . Jones Black Copywriter

Hi, I’m Nikki.

After 16+ years of using words to prompt action…

It brings me great joy to lend my writing skills to help women who empower other women through their services and programs.

My clients call on me when they want to reclaim their time, refocus their priorities, and let go of the copywriting stress.

I create emotional experiences with words.

The kind that shift readers from curious to connected to client.

Ready To Woo Your Readers?

  • Book a discovery call 
  • Fall in love with your new copy
  • Publish your copy

Then watch the sales notifications come in (and call me so we can “Yaaaaassss!” together).

What are you waiting for?

See what SHE said…

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