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Whether you’re addressing the board of directors, delivering a keynote, or presenting a proposal, the pressure to deliver with clarity and confidence can be stressful.

But tapping into speechwriting and delivery coaching (like some of your favorite speakers), can help you deliver an unforgettable experience.

Is your next speaking engagement too important to leave to chance?

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Client Love

Dr. Fabiola Riobe

Nikki helped me deliver a powerful and motivating message to my international audience.

The trajectory over the past five years wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Nikki’s work has boosted my confidence and preparedness levels and set a very high bar for future work. You can count on her to overdeliver.

Elliot Hinkle

After working with Nikki, I feel more confident heading into my next speaking engagements.

My experience with her was safe and free of any judgment. I’m certain that my messaging will be sharper going forward.

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The Speechwriting Process:

Curating your speech begins with a deep understanding of your topic, audience, and, most important… the impact you want to make. The process is meticulously designed to guide you through each step with ease:

Step 1:

We’ll delve into your topic, audience demographics, and desired impression.

Step 2:

We’ll gather relevant information, statistics, and anecdotes to support your key points.

Step 3:

We’ll skillfully craft polished, engaging, and unforgettable content that captivates your audience.

Step 4:

We’ll provide delivery coaching to help you deliver your speech with confidence and charisma.

Step 5:

You’ll give a confident and charismatic speech and be extremely happy you got the support you needed.

With over 18 years of experience writing across various sectors, including government, nonprofit, and small business, you’re in good hands.

Whether you’re delivering a five-minute pitch or a 20-minute presentation, or a keynote, don’t leave your speech to chance.

Get the support you need to feel prepared and poised so you can captivate your audience.

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