Monthly Partnerships


Retainer packages relieve stress and help you reclaim your time. Everything from strategy to execution to analysis can be included, so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

Imagine going from having zero visibility online (lack of awareness), inconsistent outreach (lost sales) and repeatedly delaying launches (leaving people in need) to simply sitting back and signing off on the strategy.

Customized packages:

  • Let’s you focus on serving and growing your business instead of communications
  • Align with your long-term goals to help you reach milestones faster
  • Boost interest and sales by speaking directly to potential clients’ desires 

Click the button below to explore a monthly engagement. Scroll down for one-time copywriting projects. 

One-time Copywriting Projects

Great copywriting should whisper in readers’ ears and invite them to what’s possible once they begin working with you!

Sales Emails: Pique curiosity, build relationships, and prompt readers to take the next step with a carefully-crafted and engaging email sequence.

Sales Pages: Make an emotional connection, rebuttal objections, and answer questions long before you get on a call with an irresistible sales page.

Websites: Grab your reader’s attention within eight seconds, speak to her pain points, and prompt her to take action with enticing web copy.

Other Services

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