To reach even more people, you must explain how you help clients overcome obstacles and surpass goals.

Your website visitors and readers need to know:

  • The transformation you deliver,
  • Why people should buy from you; and
  • What’s at stake if they don’t take action.

Whether it’s buying a premium-coaching package, downloading a digital product, attending an online training, grabbing a seat at your in-person event, or simply adding their name to your email list…

I’ll curate the words that connect with your readers and prompt them to take the action you want.

My services include (monthly & project-based):

  • Sales emails that command action 
  • Website copy that takes readers on a journey
  • Blog posts that engage and educate
  • Irresistible service & product descriptions 

Wondering if we’re a good fit to work together?

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Sometimes, you just need to talk things out. 

You know where you want to go, but you’re not quite ready to take the first step.  Or maybe you’re already moving, but you need to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. 

A one-hour consultation (video or phone) is great for times like these.

Your session can be used however you want, including:

  • Outlining a communications plan 
  • Reviewing written materials such as sales emails, website content, or press releases 

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