Of course, you want to share your story with thousands of people and create public interest.

The challenge is that you’re not quite sure how and when to tell your story in a way that is understandable, compelling, and unique, which is why you need a communications professional.

I’ll identify ideal exposure opportunities and make sure that you and your team are ready for the spotlight.

My communications services include: 

  • Strategic counsel, planning, and execution
  • Public relations 
      • Point of contact for all press-related matters
      • Pitching the press and securing media coverage
      • Press materials creation (talking points, press releases, 1-pagers, etc.)
      • Press event management
      • Media training 

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Everything that you produce in writing should be thought of as a connection opportunity. In many cases, your newsletter, website, or fact sheet is what sparks someone’s initial interest.

This is why it’s important to have your materials written by a professional.

Don’t miss your chance to connect with people who need to connect with you.

I’ll make sure your written materials are wooing readers instead of losing them.

My writing services include: 

  • Grant proposals
  • Newsletters
  • Online donation campaigns

*Need something you don’t see mentioned?

Email me at nikki@nikkirjones.com

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Sometimes, you need a deep-dive, hands-on instruction to take things to the next level. Whether you’re looking for individual or group training, I’ve got you covered with webinars and in-person opportunities. 

My online and on-site training services include: 

  • Media training
  • Public speaking & presentation

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Email me at nikki@nikkirjones.com




A one-hour consultation (video or phone) can be used however you want. Options include:

  • Outlining a communications plan for an upcoming event
  • Reviewing written materials such as a press release or an op-ed
  • Role-playing a pitch call to media
  • Role-playing an interview
  • And more

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